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Spacecraft integration and qualification testing

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Spacecraft integration and qualification testing

As spacecraft, satellites, and space probes are often one-of-a-kind systems, the final flying space system is also the prototype. To secure the good operation of the satellite after the launch, all satellites undergo extensive environmental testing. This is a risky business!

If a satellite is structurally designed to withstand loads of the launch, it is important that a qualification test (whether it is a pyro-shock, vibration or acoustic test) does not “over-test” the satellite above the specifications. The risk of over-testing would lead to component failures or, worse, a launcher explosion. Hence the importance of having these qualification testing campaigns fully under control to reduce the risk for over-testing.

In this webinar about spacecraft and satellite integration and qualification testing, you will learn how to:

  • Perform satellite vibration, shock and acoustics testing
  • Understand the structural dynamics of a spacecraft, implementing modal survey test
  • Virtually and physically test whether spacecraft will survive launch
  • Predict micro-vibration transfer path for precision instruments
  • Combine virtual test preparation and test de-risking

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Mostapha Choukri

Senior Business Development Manager

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