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Fundamentals of sound source localization - part 1

Estimated Watching Time: 28 minutes


Fundamentals of sound source localization

When attempting to solve noise issues or perfecting the acoustic design of a product, engineers sometimes struggle to find out the origin of the acoustic problem. Where exactly does the sound come from? Sound source localization is a technique to localize and visualize sound at the source, using a microphone array. It is a reliable method to ensure that you spot the exact source of noise disturbance and thus can take the appropriate countermeasures.

Sound source localization lets you accelerate your acoustic troubleshooting by confirming that you are always working on the actual noise issue. Compared to traditional methods, sound source localization with microphone arrays brings the advantage of real-time sound visualization, with a single measurement. And thanks to the emergence of new technologies like digital microphones, sound source localization solutions now become faster and easier to use, as well as more affordable to acquire.

We invite you to a webinar that discusses how ultra-fast and accurate sound source localization (SSL) can support accelerated acoustic troubleshooting. Attendees will come away with a solid understanding of the basics of SSL, its tools and criteria, and helpful applications and use cases.

Fundamentals of the sound source - part 2

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