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Solve automotive wiring harness complexity

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With the increase in electronics in modern-day vehicles, traditional methods of design do not always meet the needs of this expanded complexity. Traditional wire schematics creation is a time-consuming and error-prone task reliant on manual labor. A generative approach is needed to move forward in which wiring designs are automatically generated from higher-level inputs, allowing “correct by construction” design creation.

Watch this session for insight into the tools which enable this generative approach. Discover how tools utilizing generative design can automatically generate accurate wiring designs for all allowable configurations at the platform level. Manufacturers are then enabled to capture and develop their competitive intellectual property. System integration is rapid, accomplishing in a few hours a task that would otherwise take weeks. This reduces electrical design times and costs while enabling the evaluation of alternative architectures.

Sign up now to learn how generative design can be achieved in electrical and electronic design, delivering engineers the tools to deal with complexity, cost, and change management.

You will learn:

  • What generative design is
  • The benefits of generative design
  • How to use automation to reduce platform cost and weight
  • How generative design accelerates the design lifecycle

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Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Stefan Fischer

Senior Product Manager

Stefan has 20+ years of experience in the automotive market and has been working with the Capital portfolio since 2005. He held positions at Yazaki Europe Limited including Capital Generative deployment for production lead, tools and methods lead engineer, advanced engineering engineer, system engineer, resident engineer - production support at OEM plant, and routing engineer.

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