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Unlock the Secrets of PDM for SolidWorks


Unlock the Secrets of PDM for SolidWorks

A new approach to PDM for SolidWorks

If you’re using SolidWorks PDM today, it’s worth taking a look at Teamcenter Rapid Start, a preconfigured delivery option for the world’s most widely used product lifecycle management (PLM) software that you can get up and running in as little as one week! You can bring together the design data of diverse applications and locations into a single, secure system that makes it easy for everyone in your business to find and re-use data. You can use PLM inside SolidWorks, and non-SolidWorks users can access product information and processes from any web browser.

Benefits of Product Data Management for SolidWorks:

Improve collaboration across SolidWorks design teams and with non-SolidWorks users:

  • Access PLM inside SolidWorks or from any web browser
  • Collaborate across mechanical and electronic design teams
  • Manage all product-related information, including designs and documents
  • Manage the multi-CAD, cross-domain bill of material (BOM), with business-wide BOM visibility
  • Control product configurations and variations
  • Automate and manage change processes with easy-to-use templates
  • Provide visual access to product designs across the business

Bladon Micro Turbine Realizes Massive Time Savings with PDM for SolidWorks

Bladon Micro Turbine’s innovative team of 10 SolidWorks designers chose Teamcenter Rapid Start to manage SolidWorks data and processes. With easier access to PLM, Bladon Micro Turbine calculated thousands of man hours of time savings across the business.