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SOA trends and finding optimal values for new vehicle ECU parameters

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Vehicle designers sees service oriented architecture (SOA), as a critical cornerstone of the electrical and electronic (E/E) architecture for the modern vehicle. Here, we look into the benefits of SOA and discuss integration challenges of SOA in combination with new and existing communication and software design patterns for a cost and time efficient solution that satisfies system requirements.

Watch this presentation to learn about the importance of communication network design and embedded software implementation to achieve a consistent and efficient vehicle system and how Siemens proposes to solve the SOA integration of hybrid networks.

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Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Mathias Fritzson

Product Manager, Siemens Integrated Electrical Systems Networks

Mathias has spent nearly 20 years of his career in embedded development and design of software and multiplexed communication for the automotive industry. His interest in automotive systems and technical curiosity have resulted in key assignments scaling from software engineering on large-scale ECU production programs to research programs in functional safety, base technology development, standardization, and verification of bus technology. Mathias has spent the last decade on AUTOSAR, advocating for using the standard while conducting product development and making customers successful. Currently, he is the product manager for Capital Embedded products. Mathias oversees product development and marketing activities.

Mathias earned his master's degree in electrical engineering from Chalmers University in Gothenburg.

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