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How Manufacturing Technology Shapes the Future Workforce

Finding and retaining the next generation workforce will require new efforts by the manufacturing industry


Worker inspects components on the shop floor.

With a significant percentage of the current manufacturing workforce near retirement, the
time to attract a new workforce is today. Our presenter, Jake Hall, has spent his career on
the front lines of manufacturing and has found pathways to attract and retain new talent.

Address the needs of future workforce

Low interest among the next generation workforce, means that manufacturing companies are scrambling to fill production demands, keep equipment running, and automate their organizations and processes. We must work together to engage with the public to change misconceptions of manufacturing and drive awareness to new solutions such as digitalization, automation, and robotics. The needs of the upcoming workforce are different than previous generations because the times have changed, and expectations are different. So how do we do this? Watch the webinar to hear Jake Hall’s take on the situation.

Promote flexible manufacturing conditions to attract new talent

When we integrate new solutions into the manufacturing process, we’re changing the story and enhancing the reputation of manufacturing for the next generation of talent. With flexible manufacturing solutions that enable workers to leverage new technologies like online videos, AR and VR, robotics, and automation, we have the opportunity to bring new talent into the manufacturing industry. These tools run on the same platforms that new employees are familiar with from their educational backgrounds.

Meet the speakers

The Manufacturing Millennial

Jake Hall

President and Owner

Jake Hall known as the Manufacturing Millennial, is an advocate for manufacturing, automation, and skilled trades by helping revolutionize the way people and companies present through social media. With over 50,000 followers and 50,000,000+ views on his content, he ignites conversations about the latest in manufacturing and automation to excite the current and future workforce on innovation.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

David Lyell

Senior manufacturing marketing specialist

David Lyell is a marketing lead for small and medium-sized businesses. He develops content that resonates with companies as they search for solutions that meet their current and future needs. Before his time at Siemens, David worked throughout the manufacturing industry, from the shop floor to covering the manufacturing industry in print and digital media.

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