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Introduction to Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing

Estimated Watching Time: 45 minutes


Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing

The success of the next generation of manufacturing in the United States depends on our ability to spark interest among current students who are making career decisions today. Mike Nager developed his book, Smart Student's Guide to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, to provide an overview of the manufacturing industry and the potential career paths that are available. This insight provides a peek into a world of manufacturing that many students might otherwise never know about. With 19 chapters of content, Mike walks the reader through the current landscape of manufacturing, the next generation of manufacturing that we call Industry 4.0 and helps the reader identify areas of manufacturing that they might be interested in.

In this webinar, we announce that Siemens will develop supplementary resources, leveraging our vast industry experience. Our goal is to create audio and visual material to provide a more dynamic view of Industry 4.0 so students will encounter it in various mediums and platforms. Along with creating this material, we also provide free books to students across the US. This is the start of an initiative to work with many contributors and influencers to introduce students to Smart Manufacturing.

Watch this on demand webinar to hear from Mike and David to learn more about how to get connected to this initiative. The time to invest in the next generation is now!

Meet the speakers


David Lyell

Senior Content Marketer

David has spent his career in manufacturing and marketing, from additive manufacturing to woodworking and now with Siemens in its small and medium business industry.

Festo Didactic

Mike Nager

Business Development / Program Management

Mike Nager has spent his career promoting industrial controls and automation. Today he focusses on educating individuals about the importance of domestic manufacturing and helps schools design hands-on labs to get young people excited and into the field.