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Leveraging smart manufacturing software and the digital twin for semiconductor fabs


A person holding a small computer chip between their fingers and performing smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing means more than sophisticated production approaches – they also need to be smart. Smart manufacturing digitally connects the entire manufacturing process lifecycle and not something easily attained with a 30+ year old system.

Unfortunately, many of today’s fabs are still operating on aging (30+ years old) manufacturing execution systems (MES) not designed for today’s smart manufacturing needs. Companies create a patchwork of systems with no singular source of master data.

Watch this webinar to learn about real-world examples of how leading semiconductor companies are accelerating their digital transformation with digital twins and smart manufacturing.

Discover the benefits of Siemens MES systems and smart manufacturing in semiconductor manufacturing and fabrication (FAB)

Smart manufacturing ties all MES functions together with fab, line and automation design using simulation to test options and optimize processes and production outcomes.

In this presentation, learn about:

  • The role of MES and smart manufacturing in semiconductor manufacturing and fabrication (FAB)
  • MES (it’s more than track and trace)
  • Tying supply chain and manufacturing operations together
  • The difference between big data analytics and large quantities of data
  • Boosting performance with a digital twin

How smart manufacturing solutions weave a connected thread for a more agile digital enterprise

Each semiconductor manufacturing organization needs to build smart manufacturing into its overall strategic plan. Because the production digital twin contains all the information of the physical system, it can also reflect performance in real-time. Information can flow back to the digital twin from the actual results from MES, maintenance, test and scheduling.

  • Fully integrated scheduling with MES means constantly updated, resource constraints views of production
  • Store reusable, complex process workflows for production and critical ancillary processes such as managing specifications, recipes, masks and tools
  • Go beyond measuring data and capture advanced analytics for deep insights and compare measurements within the manufacturing flow

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

David Corey

Senior Director Semiconductor Industry

David Corey, VP of the Semiconductor Industry at Siemens Digital Industry Software since 2014, specializes in wafer fab, assembly/test site MES, and equipment automation. As the VP of the Semiconductor Industry, he leads a team providing thought leadership and practical solutions for semiconductor lifecycle management, package design/simulation flow, manufacturing, and enterprise quality.

Before joining Siemens, David held executive roles at Applied Materials, including APC engineering, services management, and software product management positions. Before joining Applied Materials, his earlier experience included serving as the Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at AutoSoft (owned by Daifuku).

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