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Adopt a simulation approach in product engineering

Sift through complexity, trace machine data, build intelligent machines

Estimated Watching Time: 62 minutes


An android head design is analyzed using integrated design and simulation.

The industrial machinery industry is turning to integrated design and simulation to stay competitive.

Designers and simulation engineers can work together more easily, and the simulation process can influence designs to improve machine output and reliability while reducing any risks.

Integrated design and simulation uses simulation early and often, so designers and simulation engineers can confidently produce components knowing they’ll meet any operational and safety requirements.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn directly from the experts how machine builders and equipment manufacturers can begin implementing integrated design and simulation today.

Connect simulation data and process

Frontloading the simulation process connects simulation data and processes with checks and reviews to ensure quality and repeatability.

Realistic 3D models replicate machine performance under various operational conditions.

This results in more optimized machines with the intelligent capabilities and flexibility customers are demanding.

This webinar outlines how integrated design and simulation data generates machine traceability, aligns disciplines and uses virtual simulation testing to maximize machine performance.

Siemens workflow process

With integrated design and simulation, a Siemens Teamcenter workflow process, businesses can:

  • Drive traceability via dynamically updated models and a single source repository
  • Accelerate consistency between design and simulation through a single-use model
  • Optimize machine builds by using the same model for virtual simulation testing
  • Increase design flexibility and data/project reuse through the single source repository
  • Save time and reduce costs through cloud-based collaboration tools

Watch this webinar and see how machine builders and equipment manufacturers can use integrated design and simulation to create the next generation of smart, flexible machines.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Steve Boot

Simcenter Tech Consultant of Digital Manufacturing

Steve boot is a digital manufacturing expert with proven technical acumen in connecting data analysis with simulation processing. With over 20 years at Siemens, Steve provides clients and prospects alike with in-depth knowledge on computer-aided engineering and product lifecycle management applications, helping them improve and innovate their business.

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