On-Demand Webinar

Simulation Tools And Digital Twin Technology To Solve Global Energy Challenges

Accelerating the transition into sustainable energy production

Estimated Watching Time: 43 minutes


Simulation of offshore wind farm and onshore energy facilities side-by-side

<p>Climate change is today’s biggest challenge. While the world’s population and energy consumption are increasing, nations have agreed to combat climate change by meeting emissions reduction targets in 2050 established by the Paris Agreement’s net zero goal.</p><p>Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how technology provider Aker Solutions is accelerating the transition into sustainable energy production with offshore wind and subsea processing developed using simulation and digital twins.</p>

<h2>Benefits of floating offshore wind energy</h2>
<p>Researchers have identified floating offshore wind platforms as having great potential to dramatically increase sustainable energy production. The benefits of floating offshore wind energy production include access to stronger and more consistent wind along with reduced environmental impacts. Watch the webinar to learn how Aker Solutions uses simulation and digital twins to accelerate the development of floating offshore wind projects.</p>

<h2>Subsea conversion of gas to electricity</h2>
<p>Advancements in subsea processing will soon enable subsea conversion of gas to electricity (gas-to-wire) along with instant carbon capture and storage of liquid carbon dioxide. The webinar will demonstrate how Aker Solutions uses digitalization to bring this game-changing technology to market, help phase out coal use and provide reliable, stable, affordable electricity with zero emissions.</p>

Meet the speakers

Aker Solutions

Andreas Martinsson

CFD Specialist Engineer

Andreas Martinsson holds key competence in multiphase flow and thermal applications within the CFD discipline in Aker Solutions. Since joining in 2012 he has contributed to evolving the use of CFD in Aker Solutions into a highly valuable tool applied across the whole product portfolio from well head through to the top side facility.

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