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CAE in the driver seat


CAE in the driver seat

Innovation is at the heart of what engineers do. They’re continuously looking for ways to make products more attractive, more energy-efficient, lighter, cheaper and more sustainable. Innovation cannot be left to chance. Innovation must be facilitated, enforced, engineered. And it must be done today as tomorrow your competitors will outpace you.

To engineer innovations and to accelerate time to market, engineers need the fastest, most efficient process where designers and analysts support each other to reduce the number of and shorten the length of design-analysis iterations. In this webinar you will learn how advanced preprocessing techniques reduce the time spent on CAE preprocessing by a factor of 2 and allow a high degree of automation.

During this webinar following techniques will be demonstrated

  • Synchronous technology
  • Selection recipes
  • Universal connections
  • CAD attributes
  • Templates


Martin Tijssens, Portfolio Developer, Simcenter CAE

Rodrigo Fraga, Presales Solutions Consultant, CAE