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Would you like a powerful remote collaboration tool for smart manufacturing?


Would you like a powerful remote collaboration tool for smart manufacturing?

Businesses must adapt to travel bans and restrictions and need to find solutions to save time and money by working remotely. However, manufacturers frequently have suppliers, customers, employees and production lines located all around the world, and finding a safe and reliable way of remote collaboration to overcome these problems can be a real challenge.

Learn more about solutions that can help you with remote management of your production plants.

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Find a digital solution for collaborating effectively and remotely

As an electronics manufacturer, you are likely to have production plants in different locations, and you are probably also working with suppliers and customers located all over the world.

Learn more about digital solutions that can help you find a simple, reliable and safe way for relevant stakeholders to access all the required production information, virtually visit the production site and keep working and collaborating effectively when it’s not possible (or perhaps recommended) to be in the same physical location at the same time.

Create a virtual factory that can help you reap the benefits of remote collaboration

Create a high-resolution 2D layout of your virtual factory and a 3D CAD version. Learn more about how to upload photos of the area to construct panoramic “Google Street views” and experience virtual navigation, making it feel like you are there in person.

Navigate to specific locations, access reports, statistics, photos and videos remotely. Ensure you are equipped with the right information to discuss manufacturing issues and make fact-based, solution-orientated decisions.

Take your smart manufacturing processes to the next level with remote collaboration

Are you interested in maximizing the benefits of remote collaboration? Would it be useful to be able to share all the necessary information digitally between different shifts? Can you imagine how easy it could be to conduct visual daily planning and status reviews in the virtual factory in the specific context where activities are taking place? Solve issues remotely from your virtual factory with shared images, videos, documents, and data.

With smart manufacturing solutions you can take your processes to the next level and embrace the possibilities of remote collaboration between your workers, suppliers and customers.

Check out our on-demand webinar for more information about how you can maximize the benefits of remote collaboration, saving costs, increasing speed to market and enhancing product quality.