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Reduce Design Time Using Routing Automation


Reduce Design Time Using Routing Automation

20+ years ago, auto routing was known as a simple activity of ‘pushing a button’ and letting a tool auto route the board. Now – it does so much more. Auto routing technology has been exposed to allow designers to automate specific tasks. So – rather than ‘pushing a button’ – routing automation can be used for specific activities to help improve a design, speed up design time, and layout designs more efficiently.

All of these routing automation activities are demonstrated in action in this video:

  • Fanout for power, grounds, and signals
  • Sketch Routing
  • Interactive single and multi-trace routing
  • Dynamic Planes
  • Interactive Trace Routing
  • Via stitching
  • Auto creation of differential pairs
  • Design rule reuse

Learn more about routing automation in PADS Professional Premium.

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