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Recommended Methodology for RTL and Gate Power Analysis

Estimated Watching Time: 37 minutes


Recommended Methodology for RTL and Gate Power Analysis

PowerPro provides the industry’s most accurate register-transfer level (RTL) and gate-level power estimation solution because of its innovative hybrid synthesis approach, that creates a physical-aware design representation. This web seminar will discuss the various dimensions of power measurement, comparing various approaches and outlining the fundamental requirements for accurate measurement: physical-awareness and proper switching activity information. In addition, this seminar will describe PowerPro's unique approach to accurate power estimation, give an overview of the tool's many actionable reports and explain how to combine estimation with optimization for superior results.

What You Will Learn

  • Why RTL and Gate-Level power estimation are needed
  • Undertanding the different facets of power measurement
  • Sources of inaccuracies in power estimation
  • Requirements for accurate power estimation
  • Overview of the PowerPro platform
  • Tying power estimation with power optimization for best results
  • Examples and customer results

Who Should View

  • RTL designers
  • Power architects
  • Project managers

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