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Realizing IT and OT to increase your productivity performance

Learn how to drive your IT-OT convergence project to boost performance and productivity


Information technology versus operational technology

Would you like to learn how to connect your shopfloor to the top floor, how to reduce resources, minimizing carbon footprint whilst ensuring productivity and scalability?

IT/OT convergence means combining the real world of automation with the digital world of Information technology – as seamlessly and complete as possible by breaking up information silos. By combining IT and OT helps companies significantly boost their performance, productivity, flexibility and sustainability.

With the convergence of IT/OT enables enterprises to make full use of the closed digital loop for continuous improvements of production process, the benefits of having the data at their fingertips for the colleagues at the shopfloor to do quality checks and for the management to make strategic decisions. The correct information is available for the entire organization at the right time.

The combination of IT-OT enables secure, data-driven decisions

A changed mindset of employees in IT and production lets you continuously improve your processes, products, and production and restore the product usage data for the purpose of further optimization. This enhances sustainability in all stages, from the creation of products to their usage and further development. Step by step, enterprises can move closer to the actual goal of IT/OT convergence – the complete fusion of shopfloor and top floor in the Industrial Internet of Things. The smooth flow of data between these two poles is what makes this fusion possible, enabling you to completely utilize all the associated advantages.

Join this webinar to get a better understanding how your company can benefit from the values created by IT/OT convergence.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Andreas Rosengren

Presales Account Developer

Andreas joined Siemens Digital Industry Software 1,5 ago but has a long history from Automation and Control systems from a strategic perspective within the Automotive Industry. The IT/OT conversion, where machines and control systems meet and integrates with higher level systems for Manufacturing Execution and Engineering, has been at core of Andreas interest and focus for the last 25 years. Throughout the years Andreas has been a frequent speaker on Industry 4.0.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Fredrik Pejmo

Portfolio Development Executive

Fredrik has a vast experience from Internet of Things and connected industries. With a background in sales, business development and engineering, Fredrik has been working in different companies with Internet of Things for the last 17 years. He started his journey at Siemens Digital Industry Software, two years ago with the responsibility to support the Nordic organization with Industrial IoT competence towards customers and partners. Fredrik is an expert in IT-OT convergence and Industrial IoT, assisting industrial companies to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

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