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Rapid factory evolution for the automotive industry

Modernize your legacy equipment to drive outcomes with intelligent technologies

Estimated Watching Time: 60 minutes


Rapid factory evolution for the automotive industry – Gain visibility into your production processes by upgrading legacy equipment with smart technologies

Automotive manufacturers are turning to plant modernization and digitalization due to challenges with stricter regulations, increasing complexity, component shortages and a talent crisis. Fortunately, Smart Manufacturing enables a company's factory to evolve quickly. But, while it may be desirable to start with brand new equipment, most companies must optimize CAPEX and explore ways to upgrade and modernize existing equipment and facilities to make them more intelligent and efficient, minimizing disruptions.

In this webinar, learn about Smart Manufacturing solutions for automotive manufacturers that can help modernize their existing OT/IT landscape with minimal downtime and costs while achieving improved operational transparency, driving faster cycle times and improving quality. Taking a cloud-based SaaS environment helps drive Digital Transformation with agility, flexibility & time to value across the organization at scale and meeting the needs of industrial cybersecurity. Watch now!

Quickly achieve manufacturing targets by leveraging automation, software, and hardware

Discover the many facets to the factory evolution process:

  • The use of virtual "Digital Twin" representations of manufacturing cells, lines, and entire factories to quickly evaluate improvements and new proposals.
  • Improve product and process quality through robust virtual planning, data analytics tools
  • Strong data management backbone, supported by advanced modern connectivity through IIoT technology, leveraging standardized automation libraries to get lines up and running faster based on best practices.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Greg Roth

Director of Automotive and Transportation Solutions

Greg Roth is the Director of Automotive and Transportation Solutions in the Industries Group at Siemens Digital Industries Software.
Previously, Mr. Roth held positions at Ford Motor Company, Eaton Corporation, and Amcor Packaging. More recently, he was Chief Engineer for the CAE and NVH departments at ZF-TRW Automotive North America Braking Systems in Livonia, Michigan.

In his current role, he champions CAD, CAE & PLM technologies and processes for companies at a global enterprise-level achieving substantial reductions in product development costs and time while improving overall quality.
Mr. Roth holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, an M.S. in Electronics and Computer Controls Engineering from Wayne State University, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Bryan Carr

Solution Consultant for Automotive and Transportation

Bryan Carr is a Siemens Solution Consultant with over two decades of experience. In his time with Siemens, he has held many job functions and has had the opportunity to work across various industries. Currently, Bryan focuses on helping Automotive OEM and Tier1 companies achieve their Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 goals. When not expounding upon the virtues of a comprehensive Digital Twin, Bryan can be found standing in the middle of trout streams wishing the fish were just a little easier to catch.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Francis Vatakencherry

Smart Connected Factory IIOT Portfolio Lead

Francis has over 25 years of industry and solution domain experience in the Automotive OEM, Tier 1, and Industrial product industries. He focuses on Digital Transformation initiatives for Siemens' customers in Manufacturing, Operations, and Sustainability leveraging Cloud Solutions. He has a strong track record of building and deploying end-to-end digital transformation solutions with leading Fortune 500 companies in a cloud-based ecosystem. The digitalization efforts in automotive are seeing high-value business outcomes driven by Smart Connected Factories and Sustainability. He is helping customers navigate IT & OT convergence with open, flexible, and interoperable market-leading Siemens Xcelerator-based Industrial IoT.

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