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Rapid application development: low code solutions for energy and utility businesses

Leveraging low code solutions to overcome energy industry challenges


Rapid application development

Fast-changing market conditions and decarbonization goals are transforming energy production, transportation, storage and distribution. Energy businesses must quickly innovate to adapt to today's transformation while establishing the foundation for tomorrow's success.

Watch our webinar to discover how rapid application development using low code solutions helps energy businesses accelerate innovation while improving operational efficiency.

Energy industry trends

Three energy industry trends are driving business changes:

  • Digital transformation - fueling shifts towards personalized products and customized services
  • Market dynamics – historically known for fast-changing conditions, energy market volatility is higher than ever
  • Growing competition - global collaboration on sustainable energy projects and distributed engineering are increasing global competition

Watch the webinar learn how low code solutions help your business thrive in today’s rapidly-transforming energy industry.

How low code solutions can support ESG strategy

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a major theme in energy business strategies. In fact, businesses that lack an ESG strategy to demonstrate to institutional lenders can experience negative business impacts. Watch the webinar to learn how low code software can accelerate sustainable innovation to improve ESG ratings.

IoT platforms for managing and maintaining energy assets

Combined smart meter deployments to industries and consumers gather billions of energy consumption measurements daily. The biggest challenge is capturing this data and turning it into valuable information. The webinar discusses how IoT platforms provide energy consumption insights while enabling predictive maintenance and improved field service planning.

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