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How to avoid vibrations and resonance phenomena when designing pumps and compressors

Leverage predictive simulation to reach component performance targets and comply with regulations.


Leverage predictive simulation to reach component performance targets and comply with regulations.

During product development, pump and compressor suppliers need to satisfy a variety of criteria imposed by regulations for noise, vibration, quality, emissions, safety, and energy consumption - all while maintaining high product performance.

In this challenging context, system simulation can support engineers in correctly assessing design choices as early as possible in the development process and in less time compared to 3D or testing approaches.

Don't miss this webinar to hear all about the benefits of system simulation from renowned German pump supplier and Siemens customer Leistritz Pumpen, who will be sharing their direct experience with the software for product development.

During this webinar, we will discuss how to leverage system simulation to:

  • explore the full design space of your component and meet both regulations and customer expectations
  • select technical solutions to reduce pressure and torque oscillations, and obtain fast and precise flow regulation
  • understand interactions between your component and the surrounding/downstream system.

This webinar is meant for:

Head of Digitalization, Design Engineers, Simulation Engineers, Head of Virtual Commissioning, Head of Engineering/Simulation/Testing/Controls/Software.

Meet the speakers

Leistritz Pumpen GmbH

Sebastian Kosmann

Development engineer

Sebastian Kosmann is a development engineer at Leistritz Pump Technology. In 2021, he completed his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering as a dual student at Leistritz and focused on the development of screw pump simulation models during this time. Currently he is working on his master thesis in the field of multiphase pump systems.

BSIM Engineering Group

Marco Brunelli


System Simulation enthusiast, MSc in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino (IT) and Master of Engineering at Bath Spa University (UK) in Fluid Power Systems, before starting his own company in 2010, Marco Brunelli worked for nearly 10 years as System Simulation Engineer initially at Mercedes-Benz in Germany then for JEEP in USA and lately LMS International back in EU as EMEA Business Developer for the System Simulation Software Amesim. Marco now covers with his company BSim Engineering, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany helping companies to innovate products not only with System Simulation but also CFD3D and Testing.

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