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How product variability management can boost product innovation

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Different types of lightbulbs on a blank background depict product variability.

Product development has only grown more challenging as products have become more complex with different mechanical, electronic, and software components.

The number of different product variations increases exponentially for companies developing multiple custom products.

This webinar focuses on embracing complexity and using product variability to your advantage.

Find out how maximizing the reuse of product variations from engineering to manufacturing drives innovation and propels companies forward more quickly.

How variability management drives downstream efficiency

The best PLM solutions support the full spectrum of product variability:

  • Configure-to-order products with a defined set of supported variants
  • More complex products with an exponential number of possible variations and combinations
  • Engineer-to-order products that require new variants of parts and designs with every order

Whether it’s a small set of standard products, a range of customer offerings or products engineered to meet each customer’s unique set of requirements, a PLM solution can help optimize the processes needed to get products to market faster in a more efficient way.

How Teamcenter Product Configurator embraces product variability and improves innovation

The sheer volume of possible combinations associated with product variability requires a tool to create the combinations and manage all of them over time.

Teamcenter Product Configurator embraces the challenge by bringing product variability to the forefront in the production definition and the design process to maximize reuse and commonality while reducing engineering effort.

Teamcenter delivers full visibility of the variance of a product suite, enabling each discipline to manage areas of configuration unique to their domains within a common framework.

Additionally, users can manage all aspects of configuration under an integrated change management solution.

Watch this webinar, and see firsthand how a PLM solution can help drive innovation in the face of high product variation.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Juergen Bauer

Product Manager

Juergen Bauer started his career as an engineer in the automotive sector in 1997, at that time he was deeply involved in product configurators. He was the lead architect in the Siemens Industry sector for the rollout of Teamcenter as the PLM backbone for the customer. Juergen has deep insights across a large number of customers in automotive, aerospace, machinery, and consumer goods relative to concepts, trends, requirements, and best practices for product configuration. In his current role, Juergen is responsible for product management of Teamcenter Product Configurator and Rulestream.

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