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From Concept to Consumer: Deliver more products faster with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Electronics


A human and digital hand touching fingertips symbolizing the collaboration that product lifecycle management offers.

Today’s products evolve faster than ever before, with innovations and technologies continuously driving those changes. Products are increasingly complex, often with multiple mechanical, electronic and software components, requiring more coordination and development time.

Your organization makes enormous investments in engineering teams, software tools and technology to support every engineering discipline that drives your product innovation. But how well do those things work together and how effectively are they integrated into your business? Break down silos and take control of product data and development processes by ensuring easy access and visibility for everyone across your organization.

Discover How Electronics Manufacturers Can Stay Integrated with Collaborative Engineering

Integrate teams, processes, and data and unlock collaborative engineering for better, faster product development. Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Accelerate new product development schedules with visibility across projects, design domains and across the product lifecycle
  • Discover how to easily capture, manage and track product requirements across all design elements (electronics, mechanical and software)
  • Identify integrated tools and processes to free up engineering resources by reducing the burden of duplicate data entry and redundancy
  • Learn how to identify downstream issues earlier to reduce scrap and rework and apply corrective action leading to higher probability of design success

How To Digitally Transform Your Business with Collaborative Engineering Tools

Electronics manufacturers can start and stay integrated across product development, manufacturing, and product lifecycle processes, but they need more than a PDM system. They also need to bring together multi-domain product development with considerations like cost, reliability, and manufacturability. With collaborative engineering tools, you can take control of product data and processes by ensuring easy access and visibility for everyone across your business, connecting them across functional silos. Product lifecycle management provides product development teams' capabilities to collaborate with all stakeholders across the product ecosystem. Also, integrated tools and processes solve the tough challenges to bring higher quality, sustainable products to market faster.

Meet the speaker

US Food and Drug Administration

Francisco Vicenty

Program Manager, Center for Devices and Radiological Health

Francisco (Cisco) Vicenty is currently the Program Manager for the Case for Quality (CfQ) within the Office of Product Evaluation and Quality, Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), FDA. This follows roles as branch chief of the Respiratory, E/N/T, General Hospital, and Ophthalmic Devices Branch in the Division of Manufacturing and Quality within the Office of Compliance; as compliance officer in the Cardiac Rhythm and Electrophysiology Branch in CDRH’s Office of Compliance at CDRH; and as a quality and reliability Engineer with IBM’s Micro-Electronics business unit.

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