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Manage the Complexity of Modern Vehicle Development with Product Definition and MBSE

Estimated Watching Time: 16 minutes


Manage the Complexity of Modern Vehicle Development with Product Definition and MBSE

Developing the right vehicle, and developing it right is critical for automakers. It is also extremely complex. This is partially due to consumer demands and governmental regulations. Thus, ensuring you can define your vehicles from beginning to end is essential.

You can learn how in our Product Definition Software & Systems Engineering webinar! In it, you will see how an integrated Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach can help you manage the complexity these industry challenges present.

Easily manage ever-evolving product definitions of modern vehicles using an MBSE approach

Take advantage of the conceptual stage of your product development process and integrate comprehensive parameter and requirements management with functional and systems modeling in a multi-domain architecture. With an integrated Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach, you change the way your vehicles are planned, managed and delivered.

MBSE provides the collaborative platform needed to bring together multi-domain auto development

Software & Systems Engineering provides a MBSE approach with one of its core elements, Product Definition. This will ensure that when making decisions, you have everyone on the same page… all day, every day. Influencing downstream development for compliant by design vehicles allows you to deliver the right vehicle, at the right time, every time.

Product Definition helps manage complexity of today’s auto development. Join the webinar to learn more

In the webinar, you will learn how a key pillar for Software & Systems Engineering, Product Definition can help automakers develop today’s complex vehicles at the speed required to lead the industry.

With this integrated MBSE approach, you can meet the demand for sustainability and tackle the increase of software complexity and electronics in the automotive industry by enabling a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment. Optimize your production and planning processes with the help of simulation technology and an integrated digital approach.

Embrace digital transformation to define the future of mobility!