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Effortless customization and configuration of products

Rapidly design products to customers’ specifications at the click of a button

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Product Design Configuration

Offering unique products is a competitive strategy that creates distinctive value, wins more business, and increases customer loyalty. However, manual design customization can be expensive, error-prone, and time-consuming. How can you speed up the customization and configuration of your products to meet specific customer needs?

Learn in this webinar how you can quickly and easily customize products based on design parameters and rules, boosting your productivity and design speed. Rapidly design products to customer specifications while eliminating expensive errors inherent in manual design customization.

What is the purpose of a product configurator?

The purpose of a product configurator is to:

  • Capture engineering rules and parameters that drive a product’s design to automate the order engineering process
  • Generate and customize new designs without leaving your CAD design environment
  • Eliminate the need for custom programming or complex spreadsheets tied to your CAD designs

However, not all product configurator software is equal and capable of automating the sales engineering process. The Solid Edge product configurator automates those key components providing related outputs such as a costed bill of materials, compelling 3D visualizations, and sales drawings.

Reduce your overall order lead time and engineering costs by automating repetitive design tasks in the engineering process.

Solid Edge Product Design Configurator workflow

The Solid Edge Design Configurator interface provides a modern, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand interface.

Step-Based UI to:

  • Capture models
  • Collect input fields
  • Create global rules
  • Define model actions
  • Play and Configure

Join the webinar to see this software in action.

What is CTO Configure-To-Order?

Configure-to-Order (CTO) software enables a manufacturing process based on design selection at the time of order. A CTO process uses customer requirements, picked from a set of product features with pre-defined possible values, to select a combination of parts and assemblies to make a specific pre-defined, pre-engineered, pre-validated variant of a product.

Simply put, CTO is a variant of an existing product order placed with a manufacturer.

What is the difference between CTO and ETO

While both configure-to-order (CTO) and engineer-to-order (ETO) are manufacturing terms describing a customer’s order with specific requirements, an ETO order is placed before the manufacturing process has begun, whereas with a CTO order a base product already exists before the order is received, but the CTO order has variables making it slightly different than the original product.

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