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Increase ship design efficiency with better process orchestration


Speed boat circling in open water.

In this session, we will examine how the ship design and engineering process can be improved through:

  • The deployment of a centralized system that manages lifecycle and BOM requirements, traceability, weight and configuration
  • The adoption of an integrated approach to engineering lifecycle management

Manage the increasing complexity of shipbuilding process

As the shipbuilding process complexity increases, so does the demand for a way to manage increasing requirements and regulations. A successful digital thread relies on accurate design and engineering data to orchestrate process improvement and overall productivity improvements during the design and production phases.

Iterative design process

In this webinar you will learn how configuration management in iterative design process results in:

  • Ability to make good decisions about design change
  • Better accuracy in managing weight and other attributes across ship classes
  • Increased ability to automate production processes

We’ll also look at a case study for optimizing the accuracy of data needed in the shipbuilding design and engineering processes.

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