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Optimizing thermal management in modern powertrains using CFD simulation


Optimizing thermal management in modern powertrains using CFD simulation

The number of innovations inherent to powertrain technology has dramatically increased in recent years as manufacturers strive for advancements in thermal efficiency. In-depth thermal management analysis is a valuable tool to understand the complex dynamics of powertrain and improve the overall performance.

In the first part of the webinar Dr. Warren Seeley, Director of Powertrain, presents a global overview on the benefits Simcenter portfolio can provide to the design and development of powertrains.

In the second part, Dr. Carlo Locci, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ powertrain application specialist, introduces three different facets of the thermal management modelling:

  • An innovative technique to predict the thermal interaction between the fluid film and the wall in an SCR. This technique was developed to allow for long transient runs in an Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR),
  • The most recent developments in this field of Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) related to Powertrain problems,
  • Perspectives on the heat production modelling for fuel cells.

More on Carlo Locci: Carlo graduated in Italy in mechanical engineering. He then obtained his Ph. D at the IFPEN in Paris after working on a thesis on combustion numerical modeling. He then spent another year at the French national center of research for a post-doc. Since October 2015, he works for Siemens as powertrain application specialist and is based in Nuremberg.

More on Warren Seeley: Warren graduated in mechanical engineering, before completing his PhD in In-cylinder CFD both from Coventry University. He joined Ford in the UK where he worked for 18 years in a number of Powertrain simulation and test roles. He moved to Ricardo Software as their commercial manager in the US before joining the Siemens PLM Team in 2017 as the Director of Powertrain based in Detroit.