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PCB Manufacturing: Perfecting Your PCB with DFM Analysis


Perfecting Your PCB with DFM Analysis

Today, DFM analysis allows you to identify and correct potential fabrication and assembly issues in the design database before they hit the production floor. Without DFM, you leave changes in the manufacturer’s hands, where the focus is on increasing yield, not on the electrical performance of the final product.

Integrated design for manufacturing analysis

PCB designers can review DFM results and fix issues immediately with seamless integration and synchronization, significantly reducing respins due to fabrication and assembly violations.

Accurate and validated data for PCB fabrication

PADS Professional Design for Manufacturing assures you that your design data is accurate when sent out for fabrication and unexpected calls from fabricators with issues will not delay production.

Panel design and optimization

PADS Professional Design for Manufacturing allows you to create and optimize assembly panels, regardless of PCB shape, including adding fiducials, tooling holes, breakaway tabs, and v-score features to create a complete assembly panel model.

Webinar: Perfecting Your PCB with DFM Analysis

In this webinar, we’ll show you how PADS Professional can empower you to eliminate costly manufacturing delays by minimizing supplier “call-backs” and design re-spins.

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