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Optimize and manage the complexity of your PCB production plan


Optimize and manage the complexity of your PCB production plan

We know that electronics manufacturing businesses move heaven and earth to get their small-batch customers what they need when they need it. But the unpredictable nature of this business can easily create ripple effects that disrupt your carefully constructed schedule. When a customer calls and says they need some deliverables by a specific date, you must respond quickly. But first, you need to know what and when you can deliver from your production facilities, and you must understand how adding this new business or product will impact the delivery of work in progress (WIP).

The benefits of PCB assembly flow optimization software

Today’s electronics manufacturers are facing challenging times. The market demands a high mix of products, low volumes, low costs and fast delivery. So how can you efficiently manage these demands and understand the impact to your manufacturing schedule?

The only way to overcome these challenges is by being smarter and more efficient, adjusting schedules and add products with a greater degree of accuracy. You must be able to get reliable results quickly to modify, forecast and manage your manufacturing priorities.

Watch our webinar to learn more about solving these challenges and at the same time growing your business by making the most out of your existing resources.

Learn how to enable a seamless efficient flow from PCB design to manufacturing

For high-mix, low volume manufacturers, time is a key factor. The good news is that implementing intelligent simulation makes it possible to generate optimal production schedules. With a digital model of the manufacturing process, high-quality PCB assembly can be executed quickly and safely on any manufacturing line, with quick and automated adjustments to changing production schedules.

Avoid downtime, scheduling errors and make smarter decisions to boost your business results!

Learn about best practices when combining data from the shop floor, ERP systems and the supply chain to allow for reliable, accurate short-term planning and scheduling.

Watch our webinar to learn about the following:

  • Getting visibility with comprehensive models that allow you to simulate your production processes, including all SMT and manual stations and shave hours or even days off your production times.
  • How to make intelligent choices with optimization parameters such as due date, production time and changeover to meet deadlines and avoid downtime.
  • How to combine data from the shop floor, ERP systems and the supply chain to enable accurate short-term planning.
  • How to react quickly to manufacturing challenges like line breaks, new incoming orders, new delivery dates, material shortages and late material arrivals.

Meet our speakers, experts in the field of PCB design to manufacturing (DFM)

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Oren Manor

Director of Electronics Manufacturing Business Development

Oren Manor is the Director of Business Development for the Valor Division of Mentor, a Siemens business, responsible for Valor’s engineering and pre-production tools, partnerships, and OEM engagements. Oren has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing of embedded and industry software. Previously, he was the global sales and marketing director for Jungo’s embedded connectivity business unit, which was acquired by NDS and Cisco. He was also the vice president, sales and marketing of Signature-IT, a SaaS cloud-based solution for configuring, pricing, and quoting (CPQ) of heavy-industry mechanical products.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Jari-Pekka Manninen

Technical Marketing Engineer

Jari-Pekka Manninen is a Technical Marketing Engineer with over 10 years' experience in the PCB Assembly industry. He has conducted consultations around the globe for a variety of OEM & CM factories and supported deployments and provided training on customer sites. He has also trained sales and services teams and created training materials and technical documents. Jari-Pekka has a Master's in Electrical Engineering with a focus on electronics manufacturing. He is interested in the development of software solutions that help factories in the industry meet their targets in today’s dynamic environment through better planning and scheduling.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Zac Elliott

Technical Marketing Engineer

Zac Elliott is a technical marketing engineer with Siemens Digital Industries Software. Working directly with electronic manufacturing service providers in the medical, aerospace, automotive, and public-safety markets, Zac ensures that key requirements for the smart factory are fulfilled using software and automation. Before joining Siemens, he was responsible for developing and implementing solutions for a global contract electronics manufacturer, providing an in-depth understanding of the market pressures driving Industry 4.0. Recently, Zac has served as a member of the IPC task group working on an industry standard for traceability of critical electronic components.

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