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Designing ships for future challenges: a paradigm shift in vessel design


Designing ships for future challenges: a paradigm shift in vessel design

Driven by tightening regulation and demand from their customers, the shipping industry aims to become Carbon neutral by 2040. At the same time, the market landscape has become increasingly competitive in recent years. The marine industry needs to create new and innovative products and business models, delivered at an ever increasing pace, to ensure survival and long term prosperity.

Part of the industry’s challenge is that the methods they have used to design ships are not fit for purpose. Traditional design approaches are based on idealized conditions and scaled down models.

This on-demand webinar will demonstrate how using simulation in new and deliberate ways is helping companies in the marine industry achieve their innovation targets to meet business objectives. By using simulation to automatically explore the design space, companies would not only be significantly more productive but would also help their engineering teams focus on the innovation side to continually deliver better ship performance and retain a competitive edge.

An example of how this is done will be demonstrated by performing an optimization of the initial design for a commercial vessel using a simulation-based approach. The design optimization will take different operational conditions into account as well as the propeller design.

This methodology will demonstrate the real world consequences of a simulation-based initial design and how to apply a trade-off study from the earliest stages of the design process.

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