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Optimizing aircraft communication network design in a digital thread

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Optimizing aircraft communication network design in a digital thread

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Communication networks are a critical aspect of all modern aircraft. The increasing complexity coming from more sophisticated avionics and electrification increases demands on network communication design to a level that breaks traditional document-based processes and tools, even when managed digitally. The need for innovating product features is not enough. There is an even greater need to innovate processes and tooling to catch up with accelerating digital transformation.

Watch this session to learn the challenges of aircraft network design and why moving away from old processes is crucial. Discover how Siemens delivers keys to success with our model-based, multi-protocol communication network design solution to reduce costs, enhance quality and avoid costly program iterations.

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Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Olga Secerov

Product manager, Capital Network Designer

Olga is the product manager of our solution for in-vehicle communication network configuration and optimization. She has worked in the network design domain for nearly 20 years and held various positions of increasing responsibility including software development lead, solution architect and product owner. In her current role, Olga is mainly in charge of the aerospace aspects and strategy of the tool.

Olga holds a master's degree in computer science with a major in software systems engineering from the University of Szeged, Hungary.

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