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Transform automotive product design by leveraging the cloud to enhance collaboration

Digital engineering tools: Cloud workstations

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Vehicle engineer at her home desk using NX CAD Cloud to enhance collaboration with the product design team

The complexity of products is disrupting practically every automotive organization. Complexity is more than just inconvenient, it creates longer lead times and higher costs of inventory, quality control and rework. These are real costs that can inhibit innovation. This webinar will explain how companies can adopt a cloud solution to help them focus more on innovation –and leverage complexity as a competitive advantage.

What does your digitalization strategy look like? You need to take steps like modernizing IT infrastructure, making sure your data is protected and secure, and providing your teams with flexible collaboration opportunities.

Introducing cloud solutions and in particular CAD in the Cloud will immediately prove beneficial to your company by:

  • Reducing cost
  • Speeding time to market
  • Optimized product quality
  • Improves CX (customer experience)

Cloud Streaming - Benefits of NX CAD online

What are the benefits of NX cloud workstations?

  • Connect teams with a secure, cost-effective solution
  • Engineering and production can work concurrently from any device and any location
  • Enables fast deployment with no need to purchase or update physical servers and workstations
  • NX cloud system is backed by Workspot and Microsoft Azure providing safe, secure access with 99% uptime and availability.

NX cloud streamed is secure, online and connected infrastructure, anywhere from any device. This is the beginning of your digitalization strategy and connecting your business.

NX gives you a competitive edge

NX is Siemens’ mechanical design package. NX CAD is the heart of the comprehensive digital twin. NX provides a complete platform for multi-discipline product design. NX the ability to integrate with data management and other software. This is the competitive edge you need to innovate and develop products faster and with fewer physical protypes.

NX CAD also provides tight integration between mechanical and electrical /electronic design and integrated manufacturing and simulation leveraging the digital twin for competitive advantage.

It enables you to build a comprehensive digital twin through the mechanical, electrical, and electronic domains that includes bi-directional exchange between Siemens Capital electrical system design, and Siemens Xpedition enterprises, iC package and PCB design.

Advantages of NX CAD

From requirements to product design, electrical, and everything else to the factory floor, NX builds the core of mechanical engineering, the first 3D model or digital twin. Speed your workflow process with unique functionalities found only in Siemens NX CAD such as synchronous and convergent modeling.

In the last two years alone, NX has been awarded 66 patents for innovations in CAD.

Virtual Desktop – DaaS with Microsoft

  • Centralize and modernize your IT Infrastructure
  • Increase your data protection and security
  • Collaborate more effectively with a flexible environment
  • Accelerate NX workflows

The above are just a few benefits. Please join webinar to learn more.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Thomas Spangler

Senior Marketing Manager, Product Engineering Software

Microsoft Azure

Gauhar Junnarkar

Principal Program Manager

Microsoft Azure for EMEA, AMD

Bret Rohloff

Cloud Development Sales Manager

Automotive News

Emma Hancock


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