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Understand how value and price for parts relate by using nonlinear performance pricing (NLPP)


Understand how value and price for parts relate by using nonlinear performance pricing (NLPP)

Everyone who deals with many parts knows how difficult it is to identify part numbers with the most significant potential savings or estimate a valid target price.

With the top-down NLPP solution, you gain substantial knowledge about price inconsistencies and valid target prices in a fast and easy way. NLPP is an advanced regression analysis used in purchasing and development to analyze huge part families' price and performance quickly.

With NLPP, you find out how the essential technical properties influence the price. These insights allow calculating an accurate target price for every part automatically.

This webinar covers the latest improvements about NLPP and how you can reveal new insights like potential savings where you would never expect them.

What you need to know about NLPP

Introduction on how NLPP supports you to identify products that have saving potentials and how big are these potentials which is one of many NLPP use-cases.

Interactive price estimates with the NLPP - Quick-Pricing-Tool Generator

How to use NLPP's target-price formulas and benchmark target-prices independently from the NLPP solution in an organization.

NLPP capabilities combined with Teamcenter Product Cost Management

How to use NLPP’s target-price formulas as a new calculation method in Teamcenter Product Cost Management.

Meet the speakers

Saphirion AG

Robert Muench


Robert M. Münch is the CEO and inventor of the NLPP software. Besides studying computer science at the TH Karlsruhe and the University of Hagen (Germany), he has more than 20 years of experience as a management consultant and IT management in large corporations. During one of his previous activities as CTO, he invented around 40 "processor architecture for reconfigurable computing" patents.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Michael Hedrich

Product Manager for Teamcenter Product Cost Management

Michael Hedrich, is working with the Teamcenter Product Cost Management team in Goeppingen, Germany for over 10 years. During this time, he contributed to the Product Cost Management business through his success in a variety of roles including pre-sales, service, product owner, development manager and most recently product manager. Prior to joining Siemens, he worked in the automotive tool and die industry around the world.