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Quickly Reveal Cost Reduction Potentials with Nonlinear Performance Pricing (NLPP)

Find out which of your thousands of parts have the potential for cost reduction or are overpriced.

Estimated Watching Time: 43 minutes


A man typing on a laptop displaying NLPP graphs and a woman sitting across from him.

The fierce cutthroat competition and the pressure to innovate keeps the cost factor in the automotive industry as an essential factor that decides about success and failure. Procurement professionals in the automotive sector must identify and realize potential savings, even in the most challenging market environment. At this point, a systematic approach that brings transparency into the data jungle is essential.

The cost and value analysis solution Teamcenter Product Cost Management, which uses a bottom-up methodology, is complemented with the new module NLPP (Nonlinear Performance Pricing). NLPP is a unique tool that compares the prices and manufacturing costs of components, assemblies, or products with performance characteristics. NLPP shows you which of your purchased or manufactured parts, assemblies, or products have a good or bad price-performance ratio. In this webinar, we offer an introduction to NLPP.

The webinar covers:

  • An introduction to the NLPP method and how it finds the best target-price formula out of your data and what you can do with it (Predictive Costing). We cover NLPP’s unique features and benefits
  • A demonstration of the NLPP tool identifying parts with a good or bad price-performance ratio in seconds (HotSpot Analysis). We show how to make use of NLPP’s best-practice, market, and worst-practice benchmarks
  • An outlook of how target-price formulas for NLPP are integrated into Teamcenter Product Cost Management to speed up cost and price estimates using this new predictive costing approach

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