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Next generation wireless is emerging - Do you have the right tools for RF design?


Next generation wireless is emerging - Do you have the right tools for RF design?

Today’s wireless product market is more competitive than ever. The development timeframe for RF designs is not only compressed but the market is demanding that these products cost less, are differentiated, and feature rich. With 5G ramping up exponentially designing high performance PCBs with all the performance, stability, and reliability requirements is critical to meeting success and time to market targets. The PADS Professional flow enables you to design, validate, and manufacture PCB-centric systems, including the creation of intelligent RF structures.

Design RF, Analog, and digital circuits on the same PCB

RF and PCB parallel design reduces time-to-market, delivers accurate simulation, reduces over-design margins, and enables cross-team collaboration between RF and PCB design teams.

RF and system design integration

With the advanced RF option, RF circuits can be designed directly in PADS Professional or transferred to PADS from keysight ads. No more schematic black boxes: these are true RF schematics in system-level design. To fully support RF design, PADS Professional was engineered to understand RF, not just translate it.

RF and PCB parallel design

Today’s PCB designs often include multiple RF modules, with high-speed digital and analog circuitry in tight proximity. Up to 75% of total cycle time can be spent on RF circuits. The PADS Professional combination of engine and modeling technologies enables you to implement a fast, efficient, unified design flow.

This 19-minute webinar showcases RF design challenges and solutions for PCB designers, engineers, and managers.

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