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The digital thread in multi-domain integrations


The digital thread in multi-domain integrations

A digitally connected design flow requires interaction between multiple domains to ensure data is available in the format required by each area. Equally important is that the data exchanges are managed via a PLM system to ensure engineers have access to that data across the enterprise in a controlled way. These interactions are required at multiple points in the design process from system functional definition to EDS design and down to harness manufacturing and technical publications. This on-demand webinar will re-cap the integration points throughout the flow to highlight how the digital thread is maintained. In addition, other use cases will be explored to provide a full picture of the Capital integration capabilities.

Key learnings for multi-domain integrations

  • A full solution to manage electrical design data and process
  • Why ECAD/MCAD co-design is key to ensuring quality and reducing design time
  • How integrations with NX and Teamcenter enable data exchange and establishes a digital thread between the domains

Target audience who should watch this webinar

  • Electrical system designers and engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • EDS engineers
  • Mechanical CAD engineers and managers
  • PLM specialists