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A multi-discipline approach to electronics design

How the digital thread can revolutionize your development process

Estimated Watching Time: 47 minutes


An electronics thermal design sensitive CPU component is placed on a printed circuit board assembly

Once upon a time, it paid to shop around.

It made sense to source your various product design components from different vendors. To get the best in class at the lowest cost – the thinking went – you had to shop around for your design tools.

But not anymore. This webinar will show how using different vendor solutions for different domain tasks is no longer the best approach to minimize vendor risk, find the optimal solution, or even lower cost. We'll show how adopting a digital thread across electronics systems design, encompassing MCAD, ECAD, simulation, and data management, offers several advantages.

The power of digital threads: Seamless collaboration and efficient product design lifecycle management

A digital thread enables seamless collaboration and communication between different teams and stakeholders involved in the design process. By connecting multiple software tools and systems, a digital thread ensures everyone can access the most up-to-date and accurate information, allowing for better visibility and traceability throughout the entire design lifecycle and reducing errors. Design changes and iterations can be easily tracked, quickly identifying potential issues and facilitating effective decision-making.

During the webinar, we'll address:

  • The benefits of employing a digital thread across the entire product design lifecycle from concept to manufacturing
  • Reviewing the benefits of tight integration between mechanical and electronic design tools, such as the left-shifting of 3D collision and clearance checking into the ECAD domain
  • Discussing the importance of co-simulation for accurate power integrity, where power integrity can no longer be considered in isolation
  • Considering how copper properties may vary over temperature due to factors like Joule heating

Finally, we'll consider how to apply end-to-end PLM solutions to help you capture a comprehensive digital version of your product for a complete multi-domain digital twin and bill of materials that captures the product definition. This webinar is a must-attend event for engineers, designers, and professionals seeking to enhance the performance and quality of their electronic products while optimizing development costs.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Greg Arnot

Product Marketing Manager

Arnot's electronics career commenced in the 1990s at Hewlett-Packard in Barcelona, Spain. He served in product management and global business development positions within the Inkjet Commercial Division until 2004, when he founded a wireless startup focusing on social proximity applications for Facebook. Later, he led the U.S. operations of GreenPowerMonitor, a top solar monitoring firm. In February 2020, Arnot joined UltraSoC's product management team, which Siemens DISW acquired in October 2020. Subsequently, he transitioned to the Siemens NX team in June 2022.

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