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More efficient multi-robot coordination: Automating programming and synchronization

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More efficient multi-robot coordination: Automating programming and synchronization

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Your success in industrial robot manufacturing is about to get much easier and significantly accelerated. Tecnomatix Process Simulate leads the field in robotics automation software. Our latest innovation – based on KineoWorks software technology – delivers automated multi-robot interlock coordination across a work cell. Say goodbye to weeks of error-prone, manual synchronization of multiple robots, and start automating your programming in a few hours.

Watch this presentation to learn how Process Simulate robotics software takes advantage of our openly available component technology, KineoWorks, to deploy multi-robot simulation and many additional solutions for robotics optimization. KineoWorks is openly available to customers and software partners to support complementary robot-planning solutions for the benefit of all end-users.

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Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Etienne Ferré

Director of R&D, Kineo Components

Etienne Ferré manages the Research and Development team for Kineo Software components. He joined the Kineo CAM company at its creation in 2001 as CTO, playing an integral role in the company’s evolution from a 4-person start-up until its acquisition by Siemens in 2012. His knowledge of path planning and collision detection has allowed him to publish numerous scientific articles in innovative algorithms for industrial applications in robotics and digital mock-up.

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