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Modular plant design: More variation, lower complexity


Modular plant design: More variation, lower complexity

Get up to speed on modular plant design to optimize your process.

Designing and developing plants today is no easy task. Each project is custom. Yet, there seems to be a high amount of repetitive work. Isn’t there a way to reuse existing designs but still make each design unique? Well, some companies are doing exactly that. Modular plant design finds the right mix of configuring modular assemblies and engineering that last bit of the project that is new to the world. When done right, that allows companies to respond quickly but accurately to customer requests for quotation (RFQ), accelerate the design process, pleasing customers with unique designs, and apply best practices borne from small numbers of highly experienced experts.

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You will learn:

  • Respond faster and more accurately to RFQs
  • Streamline your product development process
  • Control product costs

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