On-Demand Webinar

Model-based systems engineering, an introduction to the fundamentals of MBSE.


Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) addresses the growing systems complexity with a model-centric, frontloaded engineering methodology.

Growing systems complexity requires the implementation of new development methods to keep costs, time, and quality under control. Traditional, document-centric and test-based approaches are not compatible anymore with the current multi-disciplinary and distributed system engineering. Engineers need a new approach: model-based systems engineering.

We invite you to attend the on-demand webinar which covers the fundamental concepts of model-based systems engineering (MBSE), the benefits for your organization and typical use cases. See MBSE in action.

You will learn some best practices to establish model-based systems engineering, based on SimcenterTM portfolio for predictive engineering analytics. You will receive a concrete view on the appropriate tools and methodologies to implement to ensure your designs satisfy the cost, time, and quality metrics.

Get familiar with following topics :

  • Industrial context and status of system engineering
  • Fundamentals of model-based systems engineering
  • Importance of a model-centric approach and the benefits it brings
  • Real-life examples, customers applying these methods to reach their organizations objectives