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AI for Everyone

Estimated Watching Time: 50 minutes


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Many organizations still struggle to scale their digital transformation projects and leverage IoT data using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. AI offers tremendous opportunities for industrial applications. However, it often requires deep knowledge about advanced statistics and how it’s applied in industrial use cases, as well as the scarce and expensive resource of data science experts.

Join this webinar from Siemens MindSphere and Tangent Works, as they deliver simple-to-use AI capabilities, AI for Everyone, to get more value from IoT data, generating new insights without the need for complex model training and management.

This webinar will cover:

  • How does AI for Everyone work?
  • Key benefits introduction (forecasting and anomaly detection)
  • Concrete use cases
  • Demonstration
  • Learn how AI for Everyone can reduce manual maintenance costs and downtime as well as increase production for your business.

    How does artificial intelligence (AI) work with IoT?

    One question many companies ask about this topic is how exactly does artificial intelligence (AI) work with IoT? With AI for Everyone functionality, you can easily use time-series data from IoT-connected assets to create forecast models. With the ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate hyperautomated predictive analytics, even citizen data scientists can leverage data and achieve immediate insights, at scale. This ultimately reduces complexity and puts the power of IoT data in the hands of the user.

    Some additional features of AI for Everyone include:

    • Accessible AI solutions for any skill and experience level
    • Simple out-of-the-box implementation
    • Easy access to data from IoT-connected assets
    • Smart forecasting capabilities

    Citizen data scientist

    Limited technical knowledge and expertise in AI creates a barrier to entry for many businesses. With AI for Everyone, companies can easily empower their current resources with tools to achieve these advanced analytics. Take advantage of this new functionality that enables citizen data scientists to leverage data from IoT-connected assets and create forecasts.

    Out-of-the-box IoT analytic tools

    MindSphere®, Siemens’ industrial IoT as a service solution, allows users to take advantage of a new AI for Everyone functionality, as the solution integrates AI components from Tangent Works with MindSphere. These out-of-the-box IoT analytic tools are available for all levels of implementation, even if you are using a MindSphere free trial account.

    Benefits of using AI for Everyone

    AI-powered predictive analytics can provide many benefits including:

    • Putting the power of machine learning in everyone’s hands makes it much easier to activate large amounts of production data
    • Enhancing your IoT solution with hyperautomated analytics to get powerful predictive insights at scale
    • Realizing essential use cases such as product quality management, production yield optimization, energy management, predictive and prescriptive maintenance and more
    • The scalability, reliability and agility of advanced analytical models needed to support dynamic and large-scale operations

    During this webinar, you can watch a demo of how AI for Everyone helps to quickly explore your IoT data and experiment with analytical models to discover how predictive value can be leveraged to improve your operations.

    Examples will also be shown of how time-series forecasting and anomaly detection can help to monitor and improve product quality. Register to watch this webinar and learn what value the AI for Everyone applications powered by Tangent Works can bring to your business.

    Meet the speakers

    Siemens Digital Industries Software

    Tim Zhang

    Global Product Manager, MindSphere

    Tim focuses on generating more insights out of IoT data for end-users of industries via easy and instant AI/machine learning capabilities on MindSphere. He enjoys working closely with customers on their focused use cases like predictive maintenance, production process analysis and product quality analysis to create more business values along with their evolving digitization journey.

    Tangent Works

    Sam Verdonck

    Global Partnerships Director

    Sam has a strong track record in international business development and project management in the fields of industrial maintenance, reliability and process optimization focusing on innovative solutions in condition monitoring, IoT and predictive analytics. Sam strongly believes in data and automation as the key drivers of Industry 4.0.

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