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Smart warehousing – smart manufacturing optimization with low-code app templates

Estimated Watching Time: 60 minutes


Digital execution at the speed of innovation with Cloud-Native Low-Code

Manufacturers face multiple challenges in this new global economy, and digital transformation initiatives are more critical than ever to improve efficiencies and collaboration across the business. As companies begin their own smart factory initiatives, many struggles to sustain efficiencies, due to the challenges around integrating data from many different sources and systems. Register for this on-demand webinar to hear speakers at Mendix and Amazon Web Services discuss new technologies available for manufacturers and a use case that shows how to achieve greater agility in warehousing quality inspection.

Smart warehouse management system

Most IT and OT systems and processes are not set up for manufacturers to quickly adapt to unexpected shifts in the supply chain that affect their warehouse management systems. To overcome these challenges, manufacturers need to change the way they develop applications in the first place, and low-code application development gives them the opportunity to set up an effective smart warehouse management system.

Apps for manufacturing

What are apps for manufacturing? These applications turn industrial workflows into instrumented, data collecting, digital processes that integrate operator, machine, and sensor data to achieve business goals. There are numerous apps available within manufacturing that address many challenges beyond smart warehouse management systems, including “plan for every part” and “quality management” applications.

Mendix app templates for manufacturing

Join Mendix and AWS in this on-demand webinar to learn more about Mendix app templates for manufacturing including:

  • New technologies for manufacturers to accelerate the digital transformation journey
  • Scaling industrial use cases with purpose-built machine learning and cloud services integrated into a low-code app development platform
  • A use case example of achieving greater agility in the quality inspection process

Dynamic market conditions demand a renewed sense of urgency to improve business agility with new technologies that deliver a competitive edge at the pace of your innovations.

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