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Automate material handling using warehouse management software

Estimated Watching Time: 60 minutes


Person using software in a smart warehouse

Managing the supply and demand of a warehouse can be challenging, with continuous responsibilities and details to coordinate and track – from supply chain planning to realization. Warehouses contain enormous amounts of inventory assets and misplacing an item can have disastrous effects on your processes. At all times you need to know what unique item is in inventory, where it is located, whether it is inspected, who checked it out last, and how many are left. Leveraging warehouse management software can help ease the burden of inventory control.

Streamline warehouse management systems

The Smart Warehousing app, a Mendix template, significantly streamlines core warehousing functions such as picking, inventory management, and order requests. This warehouse management software makes it easy for you to identify the exact quantity, location, and inspection status of your inventory.

Join us for this webinar to learn how Mendix empowers organizations to realize value from apps like Smart Warehousing.

Meet the speakers

Mendix for Manufacturing Industries

Subba Rao

Director, Market Evangelist

Mendix, a Siemens Business

Sönke Hotsch

Industry Manager, Industrial Manufacturing Cloud

Sönke started his career in the Siemens graduate program in 2014 with a focus on business development and sales excellence in renewables. He then gained experience in strategic procurement at the former Siemens Wind Power before transferring to Siemens AG to help shape the digital transformation of supply chain management and logistics. As industry manager, Sönke is enabling the organization and our customers with Mendix applications in domains of supply chain management and logistics

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