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Digital transformation in medical device manufacturing processes


Digital transformation in medical device manufacturing processes

How digitalization can help the medical device industry

With the questions of whether and when to begin implementing manufacturing digitalization already substantially answered – yes and now – both big and small medical technology companies must navigate the question of how their digital evolution will take place. Discover the role of best-in-class and integrated software solutions for manufacturing operations management and how digitalization can help the medical device industry.

Operational excellence helps reduce FDA recalls on medical devices

Placing an emphasis on quality and process enforcements, leading medical device companies implement a tight integration between MES and ERP to enjoy real-time visibility, control and speed throughout the manufacturing process. This allows them to stay agile while they reduce FDA recalls on medical devices.

Achieve operational excellence by paperless manufacturing for medical devices

These industry leaders have leveraged these systems to automate manufacturing execution and manage data through paperless manufacturing with an electronic DHR (eDHR). While others still using paper-based processes, face challenges in scaling these systems, especially across globally distributed production facilities and when contracting with manufacturing partners.

Meet the experts who discuss manufacturing of operational excellence in MedTech

Attend this webinar to learn more on manufacturing operational excellence in medtech, and explore the key benefits they generate for medical device and diagnostics firms.

You will learn:
  • The evolution of manufacturing execution systems from paperless manufacturing to operational excellence
  • Integrated manufacturing operations management capabilities for big data intelligence and analytics
  • Key differentiators of best-in-class MOM solutions for MedTech