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Exploring Digital threads with Model Based Systems Engineering


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In a more competitive market digitalization becomes more and more critical. At the level of the Product Definition, it is important to enhance the link between Requirements and System Modeling. This interaction represents the pilar of a successful MBSE journey. We are hosting this webinar to explain the MBSE Siemens vision.

Collaboration as an objective of MBSE

Model Based Systems Engineering is about collaboration between people, tools, and data. In this webinar we will describe a process of collaboration supported by specific toolchain. We will start from the interaction between Requirements and System models, and how to derive this backbone to define a workflow of Verification Management considering the user’s role, Parameter traceability, and Test & Simulation tools.

Best practices in MBSE through Maturity Assessments

Within this webinar, you will be able to understand how to start your MBSE journey

  • through the evaluation of current practices in the organization.
  • identify future key initiatives based on the prioritization of applications.

Meet the speaker


David Almer

Almer Portfolio Developper for MBSE & systems Simulation

Passionate about technology, David has built his experience in MBSE over the past 18 years at Siemens. David has held several positions at all levels of model implementation to build the digital thread of the product definition. With an initial expertise in system simulation, he deployed this know-how for 10 years in Asia and since 2014 in Europe. And through all these experiences, David has developed skills in this field.

Convinced that MBSE plays a major role in the industry, this is why David accompanies manufacturers in their digital transformation and in the deployment of a Systems Engineering approach adapted to their challenges.

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