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Innovation in E/E through function specific product development

How to close the connection between E/E and MBSE related product development

Estimated Watching Time: 56 minutes


MBSE – E/E: Continuous model-based functions

In a market with close to 90% of modern cars being electrical-based, E/E is becoming more relevant. Innovation leads to even more complex products. Silos and inefficient processes and a significant explosion of development time need to be avoided.

It’s our mission to close the connection between core MBSE and E/E-related product development. With pioneering software solutions bridging the functions between PLM and E/E to integrate processes and dependencies into a holistic digital twin, discover the potential of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

Benefits and Content

Watch the Siemens Webinar MBSE – E/E: Continuous model-based functions to:

  • get to know the Siemens holistic digital twin approach
  • see where MBSE origins
  • understand the dependencies between system and domain development
  • learn how a function-oriented approach is implemented from PLM into the E/E domain

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Hodei Osacar Aguirre

Pre-Sales Solution Consultant

Hodei has worked for over 6 years in the field of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering focused on the wiring harness domain, from early functional decomposition down to the wiring harness manufacturing process. Currently he is focused on interfacing System Model data and analyzing early vehicle feature implementation impact for downstream reuse.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Jessica Trautner

Business Development Automotive

Ms. Trautner has worked in the field of Model-Based Systems Engineering for the global automotive industry. She is currently defining the transition point from platform to domain-specific electrics and electronics engineering.