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Streamline work across teams and meet tomorrow's challenges with MBSE


Woman working on computer meeting the challenges of tomorrow with the MBSE

Faced with a more aggressive time-to-market and increasingly stringent regulatory constraints, manufacturers must move fast while gaining efficiency.

To achieve this feat, manufacturers will have to break with their way of working. By linking models and requirements, but also by making work between teams more fluid. This implies two aspects: the technological aspect and the human aspect with change management.

Getting different profiles to work together is one of the keys.

To achieve this, the MBSE (Model-Based System Engineering) approach represents an effective response today.

During this Digitalk hosted by Stephane Bellec, specialized journalist, you'll learn how to set it up and use tools that exist today to ensure its success. Follow-up with Cyril Rodrigues, David Almer, and Etienne Juliot.

Meet the speakers


St├ęphane Bellec

IT journalist

Siemens Digital Industries Software

David Almer

MBSE Business Development Manager

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Cyril Rodriguez

Collaborative engineering solution Business Development Manager


Etienne Juliot


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