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Leveraging software-controls explosion in vehicles


Leveraging software-controls explosion in vehicles

In-vehicle Software features must seamlessly interact between powertrain, braking, steering and other central vehicle functions, which are all very complex SW-HW systems by themselves. As complexity increases, so does also expensive warranty recalls related to Software problems, devastating to brand reputation, market share and at the end financial results.

Compromise safety is not an option.

With the increasing complexity of software controls in a modern vehicle, leveraging this immense complexity is the only way to stay competitive in the market and be successful today and in the future.

The Siemens Software and systems engineering (SSE) digital thread is at the core of addressing the complete spectrum of model-based dataflows for systems engineering. A key component of our solution is to Start Integrated and more importantly Stay Integrated. This Siemens´ collaboration platform integrates systems engineering, mechanical, electrical/electronics, software design, multi-domain modeling and simulation.

The system model allows engineers to define the “right product” with realistic simulatable model of the system of systems, product and process intent yielding a traceable, documented and fully specified product aligned and cascaded to all stakeholders with requirements, decomposed across its systems, interfaces and components represented as reusable digital models and product architecture.

Automotive OEM:s and Suppliers who develop Controls & Embedded SW for mechatronics systems typically follow a Model-based design approach centered around Simulink. Their agile development processes are NOT amenable to PLM but are well suited to ALM. Despite this, they are frequently not familiar with ALM and its benefits. The SSE digital thread approach provides seamless traceability and the optimal efficiency to define, change, verify and manage your controls engineering processes though out the Product Lifecycle.

You will learn:

  • How SSE provides the Digital thread from vehicle level model of systems of systems to controls design for embedded software
  • How to maximize re-use of a common controls asset across multiple programs
  • How to efficiently manage change across these programs in the context of core development
  • How to share and collaborate precisely and efficiently with suppliers who provide components of the control system

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Piyush Karkare

Global Director – Automotive Industry solutions

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Krister Sutinen

Presales Account Development Specialist

Siemens Digital Industries Software

James Voller

Presales Solutions Consultant for Polarion

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Jesper Petersen

Pre Sales Consultant