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Online Masterclass on EV / HEV NVH Engineering - EV Auxiliaries Noise


For other auxiliaries, the key information can be provided by a wide toolset of NVH tests and analysis techniques. And again, for many of these subsystems, the traditional transfer path analysis (TPA) can help to identify the component or structure causing the noise issue.

Acting on the noise source, however, does not always provide solutions early enough. In case it is not too late in the vehicle development cycle, the responsible team can proceed with component design adaptations and improvements. But in real life, there are situations when design adaptations are impossible or cause conflict with other attributes (such as weight, durability, etc.). Or often, the results of the TPA leads to pragmatic and expensive additions of damping and trimming to the vehicle. The disadvantage is that damping material increases the vehicle weight – which will directly reduce the vehicle range, add extra cost and prolong the vehicle assembly. What’s more, this strategy is limited and doesn’t offer an optimal solution in all cases.