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Master sound perception before a prototype is available using the vehicle sound simulator technology


Master sound perception before a prototype is available using the vehicle sound simulator technology

A virtual vehicle assembly enables you to listen to a vehicle and assess design variants before the availability of a prototype. It empowers manufacturers to include subjective sound evaluation early in the development.

With the arrival of hybrid electric vehicles, it is ever-more important to control the complexity of NVH contributions of all possible noise sources. Consider road or wind noise, for example. A poor subjective and objective NVH assessment risks to overthrow the overall user experience.

This webinar explains how to frontload subjective NVH evaluation by employing a vehicle sound simulator. It enables you to master sound perception early on and find the ideal control strategy to balance conflicting performances.

Gain a competitive edge by early assessing subjective sound evaluation

Frontloading subjective sound evaluation helps manufactures to deliver an excellent driver NVH experience. During this webinar, you will learn how the vehicle sound simulator helps to:

  • Set meaningful NVH targets on subsystem level that address sound perception
  • Perform subjective sound evaluation before building the first vehicle assemblies
  • Assess the impact of control alternatives on subjective noise
  • Evaluate the link between drivability and the subjective NVH performance

How technology helps to evaluate sound perception in the early design stages

By using a scalable set of methods to set optimal targets between different subsystems and components, vehicle NVH engineers can achieve high optimal sound quality. After all, NVH teams also want to warrant a pleasant qualitative sound that ensures a first-rate driver experience.

Virtual prototyping is another technology that helps in predicting system NVH performance. It can detect potential component NVH performance issues early on, enabling you to optimize your system design before a costly prototype is available.

Also, the role of control strategies is pivotal. It helps to find the optimal balance between vehicle NVH and other attributes.

To truly link vehicle NVH with the overall driving behavior, the vehicle sound simulator includes real-time landscape simulation with the NVH software and a set of hardware features to maximize the driver’s experience.

Combining these technologies enables you to assess sound perception by ‘listening’ to a design and selecting the best-fitted architecture before the availability of a prototype.