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Master data register and transmittals in an integrated engineering environment

Combine engineering, project and document lifecycle management

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Digital overlay of pumps inside a power plant.

<p>Capital projects produce a large volume of deliverables that must be reviewed, approved, released and consumed within a project ecosystem.</p><p>In this webinar, you’ll learn how our Master Data Register (MDR) and transmittals solution accelerates capital projects by enabling fast ramp-up of a cloud-based collaborative environment, streamlined communication and tracking of deliverables across all stages of the capital project involving multiple stakeholders.</p>
<h2>Capital project management</h2><p>A significant challenge in capital project management is managing contractual deliverables and schedules for major projects. These projects typically involve complex engineering requirements and multiple stakeholders such as owner/operators, EPCs, suppliers and consultants. Join our webinar to learn how to streamline capital projects by fueling close collaboration among essential stakeholders. </p><h2>Integrated engineering environment</h2><p>Using our MDR and transmittals solution, key stakeholders can:<ul><li>Begin new projects with streamlined management of master deliverable registers</li><li>Support continuous digital handover of 3D models, drawings, documents and other deliverables in an integrated engineering environment</li></ul></p><h2>Review project deliverables</h2><p>Accelerate large capital projects by:<ul><li>Leveraging transmittal and distribution matrix capabilities to share, review and approve project deliverables</li><li>Integrating work package-based program planning and rules of credit-based execution tracking</li><li>Scaling up from small to large capital projects for global execution</li></ul></p>

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Jambunathan (Jams) Gowrishankar

Industry Solutions Director - Energy & Utilities

Jambunathan (Jams) is an Industry Solutions Director for Energy & Utilities and has over 30 years of experience in various roles like business development, technical sales & services, strategy, operations and industry solutions. For the past 10 years, he has led Global Industry Solution Initiatives for the Energy & Utilities Industry with the goal of aligning engineering automation and lifecycle management solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software to the needs of the industry. Jams completed his MBA from NMIMS, India and B.E from Coimbatore Institute of Technology, India.

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