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Digital Thread for Operational Excellence for Medical Device


Digital Thread for Operational Excellence for Medical Device

Improving quality and safety requires increased control, speed, and access to the data and analytics that is achieved through advanced manufacturing. Join this session with Greg Robino to see how utilizing a foundational Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that is tailored to the medical device industry needs can help you meet these requirements and automate the eDHR/eBR process. Greg will also discuss the value provided by MES to help reduce production defects and improve yield while remaining compliant and without sacrificing product quality or profit. He will end the session with how the increasing demand for IoT is being addressed with Smart Manufacturing.

Join Raj Ragupathi to learn about the benefits that our customers have experienced and the business problems that were solved by implementing a Smart Manufacturing strategy. Raj will also share his thoughts on best practices and industry experience to make medical devices manufacturers even more successful, productive and competitive in the marketplace.

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Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Raj Ragupathi

Technical Director, Manufacturing Solutions

Raj Ragupathi is a Digital Manufacturing Transformation Leader with 20+ years of experience in the Medical Device and Diagnostics industry with Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Big Data Solutions for Manufacturing, Quality and Product Development. He has engaged with the FDA to drive industry guidance on technology adoption to improve product quality.