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Improve marine and ship design with multi-disciplinary design optimization

Learn about the latest technology in multi-disciplinary design optimization for marine engineering.


Large commercial container ship moving through the ocean.

As modern ships become increasingly complex, shipbuilding companies must leverage multi-disciplinary design to keep up with emerging trends, enhance collaboration and eliminate the need for late design changes. In this webinar, we’ll explore the latest in engineering technology and discuss how leveraging digitalization can help your team improve collaboration and data management. Join us for this conversation and discover how Siemens Xcelerator Marine Engineering addresses challenges of modern shipbuilding and marine design.

Leverage the comprehensive digital twin for continuous validation

Using an integrated ship design process from the initial design stage, through functional design and into detail design improves the overall design quality by building on a digital twin of the vessel and eliminating rework. Reusing engineering data throughout manufacturing provides shipbuilding companies with up-front visibility of potential issues, allowing them to reduce expensive installation errors while tracking project time and costs. By reusing data and applying continuous validation, companies can freely explore safer, better designs.

Seamlessly transition into functional ship design and construction

Siemens Xcelerator Marine Engineering can help you easily transition from initial design to functional design. Digitalization of the functional design process improves collaboration by incorporating more information into the digital twin, allowing teams to understand design intent and pass that information along the process. This approach ensures better alignment with requirements and reduces the need for late changes. Leveraging standards libraries and automation tools minimizes the time needed to develop new vessels and allows teams to leverage inbuilt product and process knowledge.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Paul Brown

Senior Marketing Director | Product Engineering Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dr. Rodrigo Perez Fernandez

Senior Director | Software Engineering

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